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Lost Branch 
Boykin Spaniels

About Lost Branch Boykins

We have over 38 years experience raising only healthy Boykins that are easy to train in the home and in the duck pond.

We use two males that have been tested and found to be all clear on all DNA tests required by the Boykin Spaniel Society.  They have good hips and have had all OFA required testing.

Please refer to our Dog Information tab for more information on our studs and females.

Stud Dogs


Our stud, Sam has an HR UKC title.  He's a great duck and dove hunter as well as an upland hunter.
He is laid back, and his pups are easy to train in the house and in the field.
Sam has been found clear on all OFA testing required by the Boykin Spaniel Society - a proven producer of what we need to improve the breed!



Jax is three years old and is only one UKC test short of acquiring his UKC Hunt Test HR title.  Once completed he will receive a hunt test championship.
He has been hunted upland and on ducks.  Jax is very easy to handle, as are his pups.
Jax is the son of Lilly's Full Choke Hunter from Brandywine Kennels.  His father was the number two producer of UKC hunt test champions.

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